Boekhandel Stad Leest – which roughly translates to ‘Bookshop The City Reads’ – was founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife team Wouter Cajot and Sofie Van der Ven and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Wanting to create an edited bookshop, selling the type of books they loved and in which they believed. Besides a love of books, they also share a love of stationary and curiosities. Soon after the opening they made room in the shop for all kinds of lovely paper goods from all around the world. Objects and treasures that could not possibly fit in the bookshop where given a place in their second shop Wunderkammer.
This webshop is meant to represent the best of both. It is curated which means not all items you can find in the shops can be found on here, but you can find a beautiful selection of some of the team’s favourite things.